CAMORRA is a clothing store that was established in 1990 by Martine Georgiou. Martine is a woman with passion for travels and style. Camorra is the place where her passions manifest.

The majority of the clothes and accessories are the result of her travels! Along with the clothes, Martine brings with her the vibe from every country she visits, so when you walk in to the store you can feel that; it is on the walls, the window display, the people of Camorra!  Every single item in the store has being choosen after a lot of thought and with love! And for that you will only find luxurious, high quality products!

At Camorra one can find the latest fashion trends. Personal style though is the priority! Every woman is unique and so is her style!  From rock to boho, casual to glam, alternative androgynous to pin up at Camorra we will help you find the right style for you! 

Our Mission...

At Camorra we seek and promote fashion and we create style. We strive to bloom our business with honesty and integrity. 

Our vision is to understand what women need and  want, and offer it to them. When a woman walks out from our store we want her to feel amazing about herself and purchase.